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the initial/top rated/greatest rank of sth A major merger would place the company into the main rank of world providers.

Sensible Vocabulary: similar text and phrases Things collected in strains or rings column crocodile file line queue ring rope row one file string thread tier teach two-tier You may also uncover connected terms, phrases, and synonyms within the subject areas:

To make certain, There may be frequently a stark dichotomy among so-termed opinion leaders and rank and file believers.

four commonly ranks plural among the list of models into which a whole is divided on The premise of a typical characteristic

rank - the common associates of an organization (such as the enlisted troopers of a military); "the strike was supported with the union rank and file"; "he rose from your ranks to become a colonel"

The rank of A would be the smallest integer k this sort of that A can be factored as being a = C R displaystyle A=CR

As in the situation with the "dimension of picture" characterization, this can be generalized to a definition of the rank of any linear map: the rank of the linear map file : V → W may be the minimum dimension k of the intermediate House X these that f may be written as the composition of the map V → X plus a map X → W.

As soon as in row echelon variety, the rank is Evidently the identical for both of those row rank and column rank, and equals the amount of pivots (or essential columns) and in addition the number of non-zero rows.

Lots of pupils perform to improve their course rank centered on their own grades, but extracurricular routines should also be described as a priority.

. You can find various equivalent definitions of rank. A matrix's rank is one of its most elementary characteristics.

Did you ever gather all Individuals condition quarters? Place them to great use on this quiz about curious state monikers and also the info around them.

the ranks of sth The offer might help them join the ranks from the proven leaders from the cellphone market.

abuse of your Business of president obvious indicates distressing or ufabet detrimental obtrusiveness of a thing that is conspicuously Erroneous, defective, or improper.

one n (Mil: = grade) → Rang m; officer of large rank → hoher Offizier; to get to the rank of typical → den Rang eines Generals erlangen ? pull

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