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superordinate - area in a very remarkable get or rank; "Both of these notions are superordinated to a third"

move judgment, Appraise, choose - variety a essential opinion of; "I can't judge some will work of modern artwork"; "How would you Appraise this grant proposal?" "We shouldn't pass judgment on other people"

[ C ] a brief write-up that someone writes expressing their belief about a thing for instance a new product or service:

Sensible Vocabulary: related words and phrases and phrases Smells & smelling anosmic aromatic beery bergamot fragranced frowsty funky lemony putrid reek ripe scent scented scratch-and-sniff sniff sniff sth/sb out stinky tonka bean unscented whiffy See extra benefits ยป

accounting method, means of accounting, accounting - a bookkeeper's chronological list of relevant debits and credits of a business; kinds Portion of a ledger of accounts

The rank of A is the smallest integer k such that A might be factored for a = C R displaystyle A=CR

The corporation's freshly hatched cloud gaming assistance displays promise, but faces extra experienced and cheaper rivals.

Numerical dedication of rank needs a criterion for deciding when a value, such as a singular price in the SVD, must be treated as zero, a useful option which will depend on each the matrix and the appliance. Proofs that column rank = row rank[edit]

I certify that this review is based alone experience and it is my authentic view of the cafe, Which I have no personalized or business relationship using this type of establishment, and also have not been made available any incentive or payment originating from the establishment to write down this review. This discipline is necessary.

status, place - the relative situation or standing of things or Specially folks in a Culture; "he experienced the position of a small"; "the novel attained the standing of the classic"; "atheists tend not to love a favorable placement in American lifetime"

As their posture as well as their obligations amplified, they went on towards the wardroom mess, wore precisely the same uniform, and inevitably took executive rank.

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Soon after many years at the organization he eventually worked his way up to the rank of Chief Govt Officer.

The solution is exclusive if and only if the rank equals the quantity of variables. Or else the overall Option has k free parameters in which k could be the difference between the amount of variables plus the rank. In cases like this (and assuming the system of equations is in the actual or complex figures) the process of equations has ufabet infinitely numerous remedies.

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